Belle Nu, meaning “Beautiful Naked” in French is a skin care blog founded by Idalia, Pamela and Carolina, 3 skincare enthusiasts. Together we form a group of diverse ages, skin types and careers.
We teamed up to create content focusing on products, treatments and lifestyle choices that contribute to better skin every day. 

Our Mission

Our true mission here at Belle Nu Skin is to promote self love and self-acceptance. In a time where there is a “false” perception of beauty, thanks to photoshop and celebrities,
here at Belle Nu we aim to make every woman feel beautiful just as she is in her naked skin. 


Join the movement

Make up is nice and all, and should be used as a means of expressing ourselves or to accentuate our features, but it is critical that we love ourselves in our most natural state first. Let’s work together to embrace our perfect imperfections, because every woman deserves to feel beautiful naked. 

We invite you to join the movement!