belle nu skin team

Meet the Belle Nu Skin Team! We are passionate women who have come together to develop a community where women from all over the world may gather to learn about innovative technology and new products in skincare. We also aim towards women empowerment and promoting women's natural beauty. 


Pamela Dabdoub



     Ever since I was a teenager I have been a skincare enthusiast. I definately get it from my mother, whom I witnessed age in the most graceful way, as she took the utmost care of her skin. From a young age I accompanied her to dermatologist appointments and department stores, which created a strong awareness in my mind that our skin needs constant care and love to stay healthy.

     I began my professional career at FIDM studying business in fashion and right after attended Law School, completing my J.D. degree specializing in corporate and IP law. I am a firm believer in achieving my goals no matter the challenge, and I apply this motto to every aspect of life. I focus every day on being the best version of myself I can be, and when it comes to my skin I do not look for perfection I look for improvement.

     I am a travel enthusiast and am obsessed with exploring new cultures and meeting new people. I am just one individual in a world of billions and I hope that through Belle Nu I can connect with women all over the world and empower them to love themselves and the skin they live in!

Carolina teón

cofounder & creative director


   I am a daughter, a sister, a friend and above all I am a woman who has a passion to seek beauty in all things. Ever since I was a little girl one of my fondest memories I shared with my mother was hearing her guidance throughout the years when she taught me how to embrace my natural beauty and be proud of the unique traits that make me who I am. One of the things that I admired the most was her genuine and personal advice on skincare that she had been passed down from her ancestors and how important it is to take care of one’s skin. Skin care has been a part of my daily life for as long as I can remember and I believe it is essential that we nurture it with care and love.

    I am currently a college student in the field of business marketing and I am very excited to begin this journey we are embarking with Belle Nu Skin. I am most passionate about bringing women together from all over the world and speaking about the actual issues we deal with in skincare and our wellbeing. I think that talking about our so-called “imperfections” is a good way to start being real with one another and together embrace the authentic beauty we all possess. I value and appreciate the moments in life that are dedicated to celebrating life and nurturing our relationships. I am a firm believer in the power of teamwork and I have a vivid dream where women come together to empower one another and cultivate a community free of bad judgments. Wouldn’t that be nice? It’s completely possible and I invite you all to share in this movement along with Belle Nu Skin.




     I am a corporate woman and mother of 4 beautiful girls. Coming from Mexico I constantly fought to be taken seriously in the corporate setting since women are not considered to deserve “a seat at the table.” I created a successful family business which still flourishes to this day.

     I have always prioritized skincare and health above other recreational or social  activities in life. I rarely drink alcohol or spend late nights out because to me my skin is my tool of initial confidence when I walk into a room. I have practiced a strict regimen of skincare since I was in my early 20’s and although I maintain the same discipline to this day, I have altered the products and treatments to align with my stages of life.

     Being a mother of 4 girls I have passed down to my daughters the importance of skincare and self love. I prioritized investing in skincare versus spending money on makeup or other products that ultimately could harm their skin more. I am proud to say that my daughters have grown to be beautiful young women who understand that their skin is precious and requires constant care if they want to look their best.

   My goal is to empower women to get to where they want to be in life while at the same teaching them that looking their best is achievable all at the same time. If I have done it so can you!.


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