5 Commandments to Beautiful Skin

1. Fall in love with your beautiful self

            Self love and self-care is the outmost important thing to live by and incorporate into your overall health. Embrace all of your fine qualities both internally and externally, because everything that makes you unique, are exactly the characteristics that make you beautiful. Once you view yourself with kind eyes and accept the way you are, others around you will instantly see the beauty in you. The fact is that most times 

Confidence is a skill that can be mastered and even developed within time. It is completely human to fall under the critical stereotypes and lose our view on self-beauty. Don’t let the background noise fool you. You are incredibly beautiful and deserve to be the best version of yourself that you can be and already are. 


2. Always… always remove your makeup at night

            Oh the things we do in a day! No matter if you stayed in or stayed out, the best way to clean and wash the day away is by literally taking a moment of your day (even if it is five minutes), to be on track for beautiful skin. From using make-up remover wipes or doing a full on face cleansing wash, your skin will thank you for it, especially your pores.




3. Use products that are targeting your unique skin problems or concerns

            It is crucial that when you go out to buy products for your skin blemishes, you use products that are tailored for your specific skin concerns. Sometimes you may find yourself wanting to use products that your friend’s have tried that may have worked for them, but sometimes that does not necessarily mean it will be the right solution for your particular skin. First identify what your skincare goals are and after you have identified what areas you would like to improve.. you will then be set to go out and search for the specific concerns you have. One of our favorite places to go out and talk to a specialist that can easily help you find the right fit for you may be at your local Sephora, Nordstrom, Ulta or even Target. I have noticed that at some target locations they have now a specialist walking in the make-up aisles that may assist you (which we think makes things more convenient).


4. Make at least a Healthy Choice a day and Hydrate as much as possible

            Beautiful skin is not only developed through your miraculous creams... but it is essential that you pick up healthy eating habits to nurture your body and skin. Drinking water is a great natural way to bring an outburst of glow, and in just a couple of weeks you can instantly come to see your skin feeling smoother and livelier.

            Currently, it has been reported by the National Institute of Medicine that the recommended amount of water that women should consume per day is about 9 cups of water (2.7 liters). If you are not a very “water” person and prefer to find a substitution, finding a replacement through water foods is a great option that may lead you to optimal beautiful skin and let's not forget about Detox Waters. There are various types of detox waters that you can make in the comfort of your home by mixing in different fruits and complimenting it with herbs such as mint or rosemary. Our favorite go-to detox water is as simple as mixing water, honey and lemon! 

5. Get a good Night sleep       

(Preferably 6-8 hours)

            Ever heard of the term Beauty Sleep? Sleep is MAJOR KEY when it comes to reawakening dull skin. Sleep is essential to maintain a healthy body and being well rested eventually translated on to your skin. Your body is a beautiful treasure and just as you would with a treasure… it is important that you look after it and give it the attention it deserves. There are multiple benefits to be gained from getting a good night sleep

If you are a person that struggles to get a good rest by an ideal time frame, there are a couple resources you can resort to such as:

  -  Drinking a soothing tea before bed

 -  Invest in Silk sheets or a silk eye mask

  -  Catch up on some good book.. or that cool biography about that Girl Boss you admire 

  -  Create a dream atmosphere with meditation music or play the sounds
of the ocean waves (
spa at home anyone?) 

 -  Leave your phone at least 30 minutes before heading to bed  
       (Yes we really mean this! Leave on your nightstand and let it rest as well)


What are the TOP things you live by with your skincare routine?