Post Thanksgiving: 3 Ingredient Detox Juice

                                                         So simple and Delicious!

                                                         So simple and Delicious!

Beet juice to Beat the Bloated Sensation!

Holiday Feast's are no joke, and if you are a gal that celebrates Thanksgiving.. There's no doubt that you probably ate a little bit of everything just like us! #GUILTY

Post Thanksgiving days have us feeling bloated and dehydrated (due to all those delicious desserts and cocktails), so we decided to share with you guys this super simple 3 ingredient detox juice to get us all back on track.





  • ½ pineapple

  • 1 beet

  • Small piece of ginger


Just throw all your ingredients into the juicer (we use a slow juicer to get the most out of the fruit and veggies) and you serve and enjoy!!


IMG_2872 2.jpg

Health Benefits On Each Ingredient

  • Pineapple:

- Is an excellent source of vitamin-C

- Has anti-inflamatory and digestive benefits

- Antioxidant




- Rich in valuable nutrients and fiber

- Fights inflammation

- Boots stamina and lowers blood pressure


  • Ginger

- Aids digestions

- Reduces inflammation

- Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels





Say Goodbye to feeling Bloated!


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