Carolina's Skin Journey









Carolina's skin journey


My skincare routine has dramatically evolved over the years. It all started with my mother's advice every single night as I went to bed, telling me how important skincare is. I first began with basics of washing my face every morning and night, but as time went by I found out that a simple routine would not be enough.


Oily & Dry

My skin has always been a combination of oily and dry and it varies according to the different weather I am exposed to.


Winter Routine 

During winter I find that my skin becomes dry and during summer it tends to become oily. Therefore, my routine is constantly changing and I use products according to the weather. During winter I like to use hydrating masks and repairing moisturizers that will restore my skin to feel fresh and remove the dullness that is caused by the cold weather.


summer routine

On the other hand, during summer my face is constantly exposed to harsh sun and my forehead tends to change into a darker tone than the bottom half of my face. For that reason I prioritize using vitamin C products and serums that will balance out the pigmentation in my face. I also try my best to always use products that already have incorporated a SPF of minimum 15, so that I may secure my face being protected from the harsh sun throughout the day. 


Favorite quick Fixes & Remedies    

     One of the things that I have enjoyed doing throughout the years with my skincare is making my own DIY and simple exfoliators at home. The classic exfoliator scrub that I always swear by is a simple honey and brown sugar scrub.


Another quick fix that I swear by is MASKING

I love a good mask & my current obsession is Himalayan Salt Mask which has helped me to get rid of impurities and balance my skin tone.


made peace with my skin

         Overall throughout my journey, I came to the conclusion that I've embraced my imperfections and simply try to find ways to appreciate the good and bad. Past all those imperfections, there still great beauty to be found. 

I think it is very important to have fun with creating a skincare routine that works best for your own needs and inspires you to reach your “skincare goals”. It is a way to take care of yourself and be in tune with your body.


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