Chuan Spa​​​​​​​

In search of a relaxing spot in Hong Kong


After having spent about a week in Guangzhou working 24/7 I decided to take a much needed vacation to Hong Kong being that it is one of my favorite places to relax and have fun. For many years I have been dying to try a cupping massage and have the ultimate Chinese spa experience, but being that I live in California, I knew that I was not going to get a truly authentic experience out here. I researched traditional Chinese Spas and found Chuan Spa online. I booked my massage and facial about 3 weeks in advance and this was what I was most looking forward to my whole trip.


So what is the meaning of Chuan?

In Chinese 'Chuan' means flowing water, the foundation of life and of our well-being


Inside the Ultimate Spa Experience


The spa is located at the very top of the Cordis Hotel, and the Cordis Hotel is connected to the Langham Place mall. The Langham Place mall offers about 5 floors of shopping and is packed with people. The second we got to the lobby of the Cordis Hotel the vibe automatically changed from the hustle and excitement of people shopping to a much more serene and quiet environment. We went to the top floor where the spa is located and we were immediately greeted with keys to our locker where we would change and be taken to the relaxation room. At the relaxation room we were given an assortment of teas to put us in the right mindset to decompress.


After the massage and facial we were taken to another relaxation room where we had floor to ceiling views of Hong Kong. It was absolutely breathtaking to see the city from this perspective….and of course there was more delicious tea to enjoy.


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Traditional Cupping Massage


Cupping is a traditional Chinese method used to release the body of built up toxins. The masseuse practices a technique where she uses a flame to create the succion that the cup will require to pull up the toxins to the surface of the skin.



How does it really feel?

I initially thought that this would be painful, but surprisingly enough the succion process felt very good. I could feel my body releasing pent up stress from the intense week I had just had. After about 20 minutes the masseuse tells me that if I was not in too much pain that she would like to do what is called “gliding” of the cups to remove them.



What this means is that she will glide the cups as if massaging my back with them until the cups release on their own. She said this may be a bit painful, and that she generally would not do this on a first timer, but again I felt more pain relief than actual pain. Overall, I had an amazing traditional cupping experience and WOW did I need that massage badly.


Kerstin Florian Facial


w/ Vitamin C Ampoule Enhancement


Whenever I travel I feel like my skin constantly needs extra TLC given the time change, jet lag and bacterias that my skin can be exposed to from airports and flights. I chose the Kerstin Florian Facial because I have very sensitive skin and this facial included products and masks that I knew my skin would not react poorly too.



I also decided to enhance my facial with the vitamin C Ampoule because vitamin C is my best friend when it comes to offering my skin that extra glow and giving it that boost it needs to fight against environmental damage. I left the spa on a skin high. My skin looked so glowy and bright, and felt so smooth. I am in love with this spa and I cannot wait to go back!


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