Coffee Scrub




Let's be honest my beauties...cellulite can be one of the most stubborn conditions to deal with. It doesn’t matter how skinny or fit you are, ALL girls deal with cellulite and there's nothing to be ashamed of here.

Cellulite does not only occur on the back of your legs, but that is the most common place to notice it due to those awesome booty gains. Cellulite occurs as a result of lack of elasticity in the skin (which is natural with age) and decrease in fresh blood circulation to that part of the body. Using caffeine topically can help increase the elasticity and tightness, and with consistent use can significantly decrease the appearance of cellulite.






Our DIY cellulite coffee scrub is super easy!!!


Step 1:
Make coffee on the french press with finely ground coffee. We prefer to use arabic coffee because it is very high in caffeine.




Step 2:
Separate the coffee from the grinds (feel free to enjoy your delicious cup of coffee while the grounds cool down)



Step 3:
Mix the grinds with coconut oil until you have a paste like consistency. We use Kopari coconut oil, but any coconut oil will do. The coconut oil allows for ultimate hydration and helps make the scrub less messy. We like coconut oil because of its hardening effect when cold which allows the scrub to have the perfect consistency.



Step 4:
In the shower make sure to scrub all over your body but pay special attention to those trouble areas. Whether it be the back of your legs, booty, your chest and arms, SCRUB AWAY!!



Step 5:
Do this 3-4 times a week if not more and make sure to track your results!! Your skin will not only feel tighter, but a lot softer due to the hydration of the coconut oil. This is the perfect exfoliation and moisturization duo.




If you will not be using the grinds immediately after making your coffee make sure to store them in a tupperware or jar in the fridge to conserve the caffeine level of the grind. Also, don’t mix the coffee and oil until you are ready to use the scrub. This will allow for you to obtain the best results.






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