DIY: Coconut Oil & Brown Sugar Exfoliator


Coconut Oil &
Brown Sugar Scrub


At Belle Nu Skin we truly understand that every girl boss has a lot of things on their plate. Whether it is schoolwork, studying, running a business or taking care of household duties… life can get pretty hectic at times. Being busy is fun but it can sometimes distract you from taking a small moment for yourself. Finding a solemn time dedicated to treating yourself is essential to bringing some sense of balance and calmness into your life.


Me-Time without breaking the bank $$$

Making time for yourself doesn’t mean you have to break the bank or spend hours doing an activity, but in fact a simple 30 minute endeavor can do wonders to give you a reward for all the hard-work you put in throughout the week. One of our favorite “me-time” remedies is a simple DIY exfoliator for your body.



Look in your kitchen!


DIY’S are a great way to do a little something for yourself without having to go to extremes. Our favorite simple DIY scrub is a Coconut oil and Brown sugar scrub. YUP! It’s extremely simple and these two ingredients are most likely already in your kitchen. The beauty of this scrub aside from the fact of its simplicity… is that it is ULTRA moisturizing and it restores much of the dullness from your skin.


Remember that…

“Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication”



Nurture Your Body! 

One of the ways we love to use this moisturizing scrub is by mixing the ingredients and bringing the mixture into the shower! This is a more practical way to exfoliate your whole body (face, legs, arms) and gently begin to circulate the scrub. The results are incredible and you can instantly feel your skin feeling softer and nurtured. 



Keep in mind that when exfoliating, it is not about how hard you scrub.. but what matters is that you gently reach every area... even if it takes a little longer. Gentleness is key and Consistency. We recommend doing this scrub at least once a week. 


Not just a Scrub… But a moment to Meditate!

If you would like to add some sort of meditation into the mix, we suggest taking that moment to wash away all of those overwhelming thoughts, and simply thank your body for all it does for you. This is what we believe adds that little extra touch to be in tune with yourself, mind and body. One of the practices of meditation that is pretty simple could be to use that moment to evoke thoughts of gratitude as you gently exfoliate with the scrub. This is what can add a more sense of calmness, or even if you light up a candle and build a relaxing environment. 



·  ½ Cup of Coconut Oil (Could be substituted for honey)

·  ½ Cup of Organic Brown Sugar

(So easy!)


    Mix it up!



This exfoliator can be used in different ways:

·      Body Scrub

·      Face Scrub

·         Lip Scrub

·      Foot Scrub



What are some of your favorite “Me-Time” activities?

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