Skin Journey: Maria Fernanda


What’s your Skin Type?

            Fernanda: I have both dry and oily skin on my face. My T- Zone tends to get pretty oily and that’s where I mainly breakout when I’m PMS-ing or when I exercise and sweat a lot, especially when I don’t wash my face right away.


What have been your challenges with your skin?

            Fernanda: The beginning of my Senior Year of college... so when I was about 21, my pores began to open up. I used to have pretty closed pores and then they just began to open up around my cheeks on the side of my nose, and that really bugs me. Especially because I’m still getting used to it, but I guess that is caused due to my oily T-Zone. That started about two years ago. So my pore area has been the most challenging.

What remedies have helped you that are now part of your skincare routine?

            Fernanda: I put on a clay mask during the night once a week, which helps to extracts all the dirt and impurities in my pores and helps to close them out. I also always try to grab an ice cube and roll it around my face to help close my pores out.


Do you like Charcoal Clay Masks?

 Fernanda: I wash my face with a charcoal soap


What’s the best skincare advice that you’ve received or that you would like to give?

            Fernanda: Definitely wash your face twice a day, in the morning and night. Believe it or not... pillowcases get gross! I do try to wash my pillowcases or have them switched out like every week, every Sunday. And NEVER sleep with your makeup on!!


What are your top Beauty Foods?
(That make you feel good and are good for your skin?)


            Fernanda: I always make a salad with spinach because it fills you and its very healthy. I also love cucumbers, which help me stay hydrated since it’s a basically filled with water. (Adding Tajin and Lime are the perfect spice to making a quick and healthy snack!) I also try to drink green tea, and green juice to detox. The green juice that I drink has: kale, parsley, cucumber, lemon and ginger (Love Pressed Juicery, try it out!).

So yeah, those are my favorite beauty foods!



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