The Wonders of Ginseng Tea

Ancient China

   Dating back to 500 B.C, the ancient Chinese gave the rise to one of the world’s most valuable and effective medicinal beverages called Ginseng Tea. Chinese people found a fascination with the wonderful benefits that came from drinking Ginseng tea. In particular, a well-known Chinese Herbalist called Shennong Bencao Jing gave a written description of the great benefits and sensation that come from Ginseng:

Ancient Sayings:

"Ginseng is sweet and a bit cold. It is an addition to the five viscera. It quiets the essential spirit and corporeal souls, opens the heart and sharpen the wits. It can make the body light and give long life."


Health and Wellness Benefits from Ginseng


   Some of the benefits that are derived from Ginseng tea may even sound to be too good to be true. It a natural form to gain remarkable advantages for your health and wellness. Such benefits include the reduction of developing cancer, a decrease for the risk of reaching obesity, it serves as a great relief for menstrual problems and it used to boost and strengthen the immune system. Ginseng is essentially a great aid to regulate any intolerable sensations you may be dealing with.




Ways to Incorporate Ginseng into your Current Routine

   One of the things that interests us the most from the many benefits of Ginseng tea, is the mind-blowing ways it helps to reduce mental stress and exploits a sense of energy by the time you are done drinking it. I am a complete coffee lover and for the longest time I found myself feeling trapped within the “addiction” stereotypes I have heard that coffee develops. I made it my mission to seek a substitution to coffee, and was very particular in wanting a beverage that will not only give me the equal or similar sense of energy but that will also do good for my skin.



The ultimate replacement for Coffee

IMG_9957 2.jpg

   After trying different kinds of herbal drinks, I came to find that Ginseng tea was the ultimate best solution. Ginseng tea offers a great aid when trying to focus and getting tasks done and feeling great (not having a rush and then a certain down feeling). Another thing that makes Ginseng tea an absolute all-star in the herbal beverage department, is the wonders it does for your skin. It is a natural way to get not only an internal boost but it also causes you to regulate and calm down any blemishes you are currently dealing with. We suggest having it early in the morning or evening and adding honey for some sweetness.

   Ginseng also comes in the form of topical products. Ginseng has long been used as an anti aging ingredient since it helps brighten and tighten the skin. We love using them in the form of eye patches to help with dark circles and tired looking skin but there are many sheet mask options as well!



Our Favorite Ginseng Products:


Ginseng Eye Patches

Honey Sliced Korean Red Ginseng:

Ginseng Powder Tea:

Korean Black Ginseng for Women:



We highly recommend you give Ginseng Tea a try; it is very much worth it!
What’s your favorite herbal beverage?