Quick Guide to Getting Your Hands on FREE Beauty Products


Treat yourself Without having to spend big amounts of $$$

  Every beauty and skincare fanatic encounters the issue of having to decide when to spend and not spend on their favorite products. Because we go through this right there with you we have decided to share with you one of the ways we manage to cut costs without compromising the quality of our products.


                                Tina from Neiman Marcus

                                Tina from Neiman Marcus


Loyalty is Key

One of the most important rules to getting beauty products for free is LOYALTY. No this is not a Kendrick Lamar song, this one is for reals. We have been buying the majority of our beauty products from the same person for over 15 years. Her name is Tina and she works at Neiman’s in Fashion Valley. Tina knows how to hook it up. Being her loyal customers she is always happy to give us samples of products we love and then some. 



The 3 Beauty products you can always get for free

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1. Mascara:

I cannot remember the last time I bought a mascara. I have samples of Dior, Lancome, Estee Lauder, and the list goes on and on. I have received so many free samples of mascara I have a small tube in each of my handbags just in case of emergencies.



2. Eye cream:

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 Sampling eye creams is the best way to find exactly the one that’s right for you. For the most part I find eye creams to be the most expensive skincare purchase. Eye creams can be double the price of a moisturizer and less quantity so make sure that before you buy you sample may eye creams to find the one that is worth spending your money on.



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3. Cleansers:

 TBH I don’t feel like being a cleanser snob will do anything special for your skin. I love cleansers and they are definitely a very important step in your skincare routine but the brand of your cleanser really isn’t that important. Spend your money on serums and spot treatments and be simple when it comes to cleansers. I will use sample cleansers for weeks until I actually have to buy one and I never notice any crazy difference in my skin.


Ask and You Shall Receive

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Last but not least remember that going to a beauty store really should not be a stressful experience. Don’t let the sales people pressure you to buying something you don’t need or want. Ask and you shall receive, and in this case ask and you WILL receive because no matter what, they have to give you a sample of the product you are asking for and they know us beauty lovers are always curious to trying new things!

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