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Aesthetician Hiba

Come meet Hiba, an Aesthetician living in a San Diego. Read her skin journey as she shares her own personal struggles with her skin and her successes of what solutions have worked for her!


What’s your skin type?

My skin type is oily to combination. 

What have been your challenges with your skin?

I struggled with acne and very oily skin and it got bad after I had my 2nd child, I broke with systic acne all over my face, neck,chest, back and shoulder . I was so depressed and didn’t want to leave the house .


What remedies have helped you that are now part of your skincare routine?

Finally I went to this amazing dermatologist in Michigan and he right away prescribed accunte. Which was the best thing I have ever done in my life . After I was done my skin went back to normal but no break out but still used oil free products.


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Top Beauty Foods:

Also food has a big role in acne skin prob. Diary is number 1 and oily and fried food and junk food. Water is very important to drink enough . What helped my skin the most is controlled stress, drink a lot water and eating healthy ( give up dairy and meat ). Food that helped me a lot with my skin is green juice with a lot vitamin A based vegetables. Also, I would prefer to eat salmon over red and white meat. (it's all about choosing the healthier option).


Favorite Products:

Using retinal at night everyday and if would get dry I would mix oil free moisturizer with ceramide based lotion. Using dna daily power defense and zo Obagi glycogent in the am .

Another of my top Must products to use is wearing oil free Elta md sun screen.

My favorite product is TNS recovery complex by skin Medica, Sente bio complete serum, zo Obagi retamax, zo Obagi exfoliating accelerate, Elta md 46, zo daily power defense and alto defense serum .


Best skincare advice

Drinking a lot water infused with hibiscus flower to continually cleanse my body from toxic. I had to give up dairy due to stomach issues and that also helped with my skin . Taking skin hair and nails supplement .  

Last but not least... Getting a good night sleep is must!

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