Himalayan Salt

Ancient South Asia


  One of earth's most ancient spice derived from the country of Pakistan in South Asia, lies the world's oldest salt mine. This salt mine was known to be the great salt range of the Himalayas, which revealed the ancient treasure of Himalayan Salt.


Health Benefits from Himalayan Salt

  The pink Himalayan sea salt is not just a savory spice used for our essential living foods, but it also contains incredible benefits that will enhance your body in more ways than one. Himalayan Salt has known to contain antibacterial and inflammatory benefits, which have been proven to benefit the complexion of the skin, respiration and muscular pain. Since the ancient times, Himalayan salt has served as a pure form of detoxification and purification.




Himalayan Salt Caves 

  Throughout our amazement with Himalayan salt, we decided to see for ourselves an attainable way to receive some of these benefits. We thought to ourselves.. what a better way than to go spend the day in one of the largest salt caves in North America? Located in the beautiful Santa Barbara. is the location where we encountered an incredible experience. The Salt Cave experiene consisted of a 45 minute session inside the surrounding of the natural beauty of thousands of crystalline rocks.



Wellness Experience


  As a result, our stay was a complete relaxing and breathe-of-fresh-air experience. As soon as we walked out those doors, our breathing was at a much pleasant pace and a certain serenity followed through. There's something truly majestic about exploring scenes that relate to our history and the great wonders that a simple visit can do to our mind and body.




Ways to Incorporate Himalayan Salt in your Daily Life

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  The cool thing about modern times is that you can essentially bring a piece of a himalayan salt cave right to the comfort of your home! A simple way may be by locating a pink himalayan salt lamp in a special room of your liking and meditate around it to achieve a sense of calmness. Another way may be by incorporating this special salt to seafood or as an additional flavoring to some of your favorite dishes. We are currently obsessed with the Himalayan salt block, which can be easily used to prepare seasoned seafood or even sushi!



Favorite Mask of the  Moment

You can get this Himalayan Salt Mask in the Salt Cave location in Santa Barbara




Enjoy the Experience at Salt Cave Santa Barbara


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