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Exploring new grounds


It may be strange to associate this concrete jungle of a city with some R&R, but that is why Hong Kong has now become one of my favorite cities. With some very serious NYC vibes, I never thought that Hong Kong would offer so much peace and quiet, you just need to do a little exploring and you will find it.


Where to stay?

I stayed at Upper House in Central.

Upper House offered such an excellent service and experience from the moment I walked in to the second I left. Unlike the typical lobby check in experience, where one can feel anxious to just get into the room to settle in, at Upper House I was taken to my room immediately upon arrival.

Check in occurred from the comfort of the room where I was able to feel relaxed and at home. The rooms are simple but BEAUTIFUL and the views are to die for!!!


Pleasant Stay

Panoramic views of the city were just breathtaking and it was quite the sight to wake up to every morning.

I received hand written letters with little gifts almost every day and was really made to feel like royalty. The experience I had was like no other hotel I have ever stayed at.


What to do?

You’d be surprised but Hong Kong actually has so much nature than you’d think and the sightseeing involves so much more than what is in the city.


There are beautiful temples and beaches... yes Hong Kong has cool beaches, I had no idea. Victoria’s Peak also has some of the best views of the entire city.

Besides some of these key spots, walking around Hong Kong in general will offer any instagram-able moments. It’s like every corner, every street, is so cool that you have to take advantage of the insta opp.


How to relax?

I want to do seperate and a more detailed post on this, but I will mention this now. My favorite spa in Hong Kong was Chuan Spa at the Cordis Hotel. Not only was the spa itself amazingly designed to transport you into a very zen space, Chan Spa also offers some traditional Chinese healing treatments such as cupping, which I tried, and is nothing like the cupping they do in America.

The art of Tea


Another way to relax is to embrace the art of tea.

I went to Ming Cha Tea House where I met Vivian Mak. She not only taught me the art of sipping, pouring and embracing the tea, she also gave me some special words of wisdom that I will carry with me forever.


More to come

I will soon share more pictures, videos and stories on these 2 special places. But I hope all this information on Hong Kong makes you want to go!

Check out the links below to read more about Upper House which I highly recommend.


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