Skin Journey

 Salute all beautiful girls!

My name in Konstantina, I'm 27, I was born and raised in Thessaloníki, Greece and I'm ready to share with you my secrets along with my concerns regarding my skin.


What's your skin type?

       First off, my skin is a combination of oily and dry areas and I've noticed that it changes when the weather does or in accordance with the products I'm using.

Also, it came to my attention that food has a specific effect on it. I don't know if it's a myth or actually true but eating fries always gives me pimples.


What have been your challenges with your skin?

       I never had serious issues with acne or skin stains but my constant problem has been the black pores. Uhhh!! So annoying! I've been using these like stripes that help you clean out the black pores but there weren't any noticeable results.

So, I came to the conclusion that only a good facial can help you fight them! However, I notice that doing peeling like 2-3 times per week can be quite effective.


What remedies have helped you that are now part of your skincare routine?

       My grandmother always used to say to me,

"Put on your face whatever you can put in your mouth".

In other words, use only organic products that you could actually be able to eat! Being raised as such, I had always been curious and tried many DIY face masks when I had free time.


Favorite DIY Mask: Apple & Oats

One of my favs for oily skins was a mix of apples, oats and milk. You just cut the apple in very small, mix them all together, apply it and keep it for like 20 minutes. It takes all the oiliness away and leaves you with a soft and clear skin.


What's the best skincare advice you've received or would like to share

      If I had to give an advice would be this of my grandmother's. Very simple to follow and very effective.

There are so many chemicals in the atmosphere and even in our food...why should we put more on our skin???


Recommendation for Peeling

Also, I'd recommend for peeling  to use a mix of brown sugar and extra virgin olive oil. Very easy to make, cost and time effective! You can replace olive oil with avocado or coconut oil and the results are equally great. It's up to you.


What are your favorite products that have worked for your skin concerns

       My mom, who's almost 60 but in a very good shape-her secret says is that she has been using eye creams since she was like 18.

Anyways, she loves this tomato mask. This is super simple too. You just peel a tomato and then use the external part and peel of your face. The result? Stunning! Whenever she does that her skin comes out so shinny and bright! Really awesome!


       Last but not least, trying all these DIY masks over the years brought up some not very pleasant experiences. The worst was this turmeric one. OMG! This yellow color couldn't get washed out for days. Horrible!

The one thing to AVOID

I recommend avoid turmeric in a mask-however it's really healthy and you can put it in smoothies or drink it with water, ginger and honey for a stronger immune system.


What Beauty Foods do you enjoy the most?

       As for the beauty foods-I don't really have a favorite one. I believe in a well balanced Mediterranean diet and always a positive attitude.

This will give you beautiful skin and a longer life!