Skin Journey

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Meet this beautiful 20-year old college student. She studies Psychology and is currently a marketing intern as well. Her name is Mariangella and we invite you to come and read all about her skin journey and battles with hormonal acne. 

What's your skin type?

I have combination skin. Dry around the cheeks and jawline, and an oily mess in my T-zone.

I try to use products that minimize pores in problem areas and I love to multi-mask targeting specific areas that need hydration and detoxification.


What has been your greatest challenge in skincare?


Hormonal acne has always been a challenge.

It’s so frustrating to use any and every product in the market and to have your acne not go away. It wasn’t until I visited the dermatologist and addressed my acne internally that I started to see results.




What remedies have helped you that are now part of your skincare routine?

 Retin-A is your best friend!

Not only does it prevent wrinkles, but it also fights acne and clarifies the skin. Ever since I started using it the texture and overall appearance of my skin has improved dramatically. Ever since I turned 20, I started using eye cream. You’re never too young to start! It’s my favorite step in my morning skincare routine because I feel how my under eyes are moisturized and I’m instantly awake. Also, don’t forget sunscreen! Using retinoids makes my skin extra-sensitive, so I can’t leave the house without it.



What has been the best skincare advice you've received or want to share with others?

Take off your makeup before you go to bed. I know it’s a pain, trust me. The least you can do is have makeup wipes by your bedside when you’re feeling lazy or just got home after a wild night out.

Have a proper cleansing routine with a double-cleanse after removing your makeup and use toner! Witch hazel toner is by far my favorite.

Trust me, your skin will thank you later.


What are your TOP beauty foods?

I’m dating a lactose-intolerant person and whenever we’re together I try and avoid dairy. It’s made a huge difference in my skin and I have switched to milk substitutes such as almond milk.

Avoiding cheese, milk, and other dairy-heavy foods have helped my skin clear up significantly.

Try it!

As far as beauty foods go, an acaí bowl makes my heart and my skin happy. It’s the perfect pick-me-up meal and I love to feel good about what I’m eating!


What are some of your Must-Have products?

My essentials are witch-hazel toner, clay masks, eye cream, vitamin-c serum

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