So... What is Microneedling?


Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin care treatment where tiny needles puncture the skin.

Although this sounds scary, and most microneedling tools look quite scary, the benefits of this treatment are worth diving into.


Is Microneedling Painful?


Microneedling treatments with estheticians can be more intense and painful than at home tools. That is because certain estheticians are trained to properly use needles and are able to perform a more aggressive treatment with precaution. Estheticians will typically apply a numbing cream to ease any painful sensations since the needles puncture to a deeper level of the skin. At home tools have much smaller needles and are relatively pain free. So why do people even do this?


True Benefits of Microneedling


1. Stimulates Collagen: 

The needle punctures cause the skin to immediately go into recovery mode as if you had suffered an actual injury. This means your skin’s natural ability to heal increases your cell turnover which ultimately stimulates collagen and elastin.

2. Eliminates Scars:

With consistent use, microneedling can eliminate hyperpigmentation and scars.


3. Absorbs products at a deeper level:

The punctures allow your skincare products to penetrate to a deeper layer of the skin, allowing you to see better results from your skin care products more quickly. Another plus to this is that since your products are absorbing on a deeper level, you don’t need to use as much of it therefore your products last longer.


4. Can be used all over body:


Microneedling is not only for the face but can also treat any part of your body.
This is a BIG plus because most of the times we forget to treat our hands or thighs or neck for example. 
Some common uses of microneedling are to minimize the color and texture of stretch marks, eliminate freckles on any part of the body such as your hands, and anywhere where you feel like you are losing precious elastin and collagen such as your arms, legs and chest.


Whats makes Microneedling
a hot trend right now

All in all, the benefits of microneedling outweigh any of the burdens such as pain or discomfort. You skincare products will absorb better and last longer while at the same time your skin naturally stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Coupling this treatment with human growth factor serums as well as LED lights will tremendously boost the positive results of this treatment.


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INside Microneedling


Places we recommend

If you are in the San Diego area we highly recommend Hiba from Skin Boutique Salon. Otherwise, we recommend you research a dermatologist or esthetician in your to see the benefits yourself!


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