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Complete Routine from Whole Foods

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For all my Belle Nu Beauties out there who prioritize on organic products, or don’t do well with traditional products due to fragrances and chemicals we really encourage you to look for skincare products at your local health foods store. Whether it’s Whole Foods Market or Sprouts, both have amazing all natural products to cleanse, tone, treat, and moisturize your skin.


Organic & Vegan Products

A lot of the times the fragrances in traditional products is what may cause you to react adversely. Those with sensitive skin (me over here!!) do not do well with fragrance additives. No matter how expensive or “good” the product may be, if it has fragrances, I know I will break out into a rash.


Invest in Pure Quality


That is why we have become fond of incorporating all natural products from our local organic market, and the best part is that we can get a couple’s month worth of products for less than $50. This is generally because these products don’t have the fancy shmancy packaging that the products at department stores have and the marketing of these products is minimal. So all efforts are put forth to making sure that the product itself, (what is in the bottle and then on your skin) is of the best and purest quality as possible.


Our skincare routine goes as follows:


  • Jojoba Oil to remove makeup: we love this oil because it’s not oily at all.  It’s one of the best facial oils for acne prone skin so we love to use this to remove all my makeup.

Belle Nu Tip #1: Add some brown sugar to a portion of jojoba oil and you have the perfect scrub!!

Price: $ 8.99


  • Tea tree cleansing wipes post removing our makeup: We always like to cleanse my skin even after we remove my makeup to make sure we're getting it all off. We love tea tree oil because it is a natural anti-bacterial. This being said, after using this product we instantly feel our pores the cleanest when we use tea tree oil.

*** NOTE: be careful when using the cleansing pad around your eye area. Since these wipes are made up with pure tea tree oil, it may irritate sensitive skin around the eye area. Use gently. 

Price: $7.99



  • Face masks to treat: Whole Foods has a range of these facemasks in pod form so we encourage you guys to buy a few and find your favorite. Our personal favorite is the pumpkin brightening one because you really feel the glycolic exfoliating your skin, but now that winter is around the corner we try to increase my use of products that moisturize and replenish our skin.

Price: $2.99 Each



  • Rose Water: Once we take off the facemask we mist our face with rose water. This specific one has glycerin which hydrates the skin as well. A few spritz of this and your skin will begin to feel more plump. We also love using this as a toner when we first wake up in the morning.

Price: $6.99


  • Acure Rosehip Oil: For all skin types. This nourishing rose hip oil is made up from natural oils found in Chile. We love to use this oil as a last step into our skincare routine so that it may penetrate and be absorbed in our skin during the night. One of the great benefits that are gained from this oil, is that it treats discoloration and it prioritizes trading spots and wrinkles. The essential fatty acids found in this oil help improve your skin's overall skin tone, texture and pigmentation. 

Price: $12.99

 Belle Nu Tip #2: We suggest applying this nourishing oil as the last step of your skincare routine and don't forget to apply it throughout your entire face and neck!


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