Pamela's Skin Journey

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The beginning of My Journey

   For as long as I can remember I have always had extremely sensitive skin. Whether it was certain foods, weather changes, stress or harsh products, my skin reacts quickly to things it does not like. At around 16 or 17 years old I noticed my skin was at the peak of its hypersensitivity. I would be in the sun for 2 seconds and my cheeks were already bright red. I would eat chocolate and by the next day have rashes all over my chest. Safe to say this was a difficult time, but in the long run this is where my journey with my skin began.


My biggest Challenge: Rosacea

   My mother took me to a dermatologist, who is also a family friend, and he diagnosed me with rosacea. Rosacea is a skin condition that causes flushing of the skin when certain “triggers” are present. These triggers include spicy foods, alcohol, chocolate, fried foods, dry weather, overheating, rigorous exercise and the list goes on and on. This basically meant that I not only had to adopt a new skin care regime, but I also needed to make many lifestyle changes. I was young enough at the time that I never really picked up alcohol and to this day I drink a very minimal amount. I completely changed my diet to focus on plant based eating and I began a series of laser treatments to get my skin back on track.


true blessing in Disguise

   Although this condition felt like a curse at the beginning, today I consider it a true blessing. By being diagnosed with rosacea I began my journey to seek out the best and healthiest products for my skin without having to break the bank. It’s incredible how much mother nature gives us to heal anything and everything we go through in life.

My Top Skincare Products Today

   My skincare today is focused on a mixture of chemical and all natural products to nourish, protect, and replenish my skin. On a daily basis I eat 100% plant based. About 70% of my beauty products I buy at Whole Foods and the other 30% are medical grade products for spot treatments. My daily go-to’s that I can not live without are jojoba oil, rose water, coconut oil and of course SUNSCREEN. I also like to use glycolic pads or face masks every other day to control oil production and minimize pores.


Balance is Key

   All in all I’ve found that balance is always key. Being able to listen to your body and give it what it needs is essential for optimal skin health. Days where I feel like my skin is completely acting out I’ll lean to medical grade products with glycolic or retin A. I may even see a dermatologist and get a minor treatment to get things under control. But in my regular day to day I stick with all natural products because they are the most gently thing for my skin.


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Night Routine

My night routine is much more extensive than my day routine because I really feel like this is when my skin best absorbs the products I use, and I can tell that my skin is in need of some TLC by the end of the day. 

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Day Routine

Since I do the bulk of my skincare at night, my day routine is much more simple. My skin is already clean and in my day routine I focus on prepping my skin for the day vs in my night routine I focus more on treating whatever skin issue I am having. 

Step 1: Toner

I don’t start my day cleansing my skin because it is already clean in the morning and my skin is so sensitive that I have always found this step to be excessive and irritating. Instead I just wipe my face with a gentle toner and a cotton pad. 


Step 2: Glycolic pads

Since my skin is more oily I use glycolic pads on my T zone to help with oil control during the day 


Step 3: Eye cream

This time I use a more sensitive eye cream that is good for the day time. Be careful with eye creams with retinol, those will cause hypersensitivity during the day so make sure to only use those at night


Step 4: Eye Patches

I apply eye patches under my eyes for about 10 minutes to really make me look alive. I also sometimes apply the same patches over my laugh lines because the sad reality is that those are starting to become a thing now. Cheers to being 25! 


Step 5: Some face mist for hydration

Since I typically only use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation I only use a hydrating mist instead of incorporating an actual moisturizer in my day routine. Over moisturizing typically leaves my skin too dewy and makes my skin look too oily throughout the day. 


Step 6: Sunscreen

This is the most important step of all. Sun is the biggest enemy of youthful skin. This Elta Md sunscreen is perfect because not only does it have the perfect amount of SPF, there is also a version with tint and hyaluronic acid. It’s like a 3 in one  magic that keeps you coming for more. 

Step 1: Cleanse my face with Clarisonic

If I have makeup on I first remove my makeup with jojoba oil and then use the Clarisonic. I like the Innis cleanser right now, but I often switch cleansers  a lot and I typically buy a different cleansers once I’m done with one. 

Step 2: derma-roller, face mask or do at home LED therapy. 

(Every other day)

This step is more on an “as needed” basis. If I feel like my skin is congested I use the blue LED light and red  LED light for 20 min each. The other option is to do a clay mask or glycolic mask. 

If my skin feels dry and dull I use the derma-roller from Bioessence and immediately after apply a sheet mask of either collagen, vitamin c, or hyaluronic acid. 

Step 3: EYE CREAM, cause who wants crows feet right… 


Step 4: Retinol serum

helps fight breakouts, minimize pores and diminish fine lines.


Step 5: Hyaluronic serum...

This is God’s gift to your face. Get one and thank me later. 


Step 6: Night oil

Right now I am using the Sunday Riley UFO oil which has salicylic acid. For  these dry winter months it’s the best combination of hydration but also fights breakouts. 


Step 7: Moisturizer. 

Moisturizer is like the frosting on top of a cake. You just can’t forget it.