Power Salad Bowl

Its a love relationship

   Our go-to meal is always a Salad because it never fails! There's so many different ways to make a salad and it gives you the right feel of satisfaction without ever feeling guilty. A salad is also a great option to have when planning a family gathering or when having friends over for dinner #friendsgiving. 

   Therefore, we'd love to share with you one of our favorite ways to serve a salad that contains the right amount of protein and can serve as a great option for your next lunch/dinner gathering! 


Just in time for the holidays

Its very easy to fall into the temptations that arise from holiday festivities, but remember you can always make the wise decision of incorporating at least a healthy meal to all that comfort food. A salad is the perfect side meal to add to any holiday feast and it will add atleast a healthy option for anyone at your dinner table!


Healthy Tricks & Tips to have up your sleeve when your in a Holiday Feast: 

- Replacing Lettuce for bread or making small Lettuce Wraps make great side entrees to have as an option for your guest and family. 

- Making Fruity Drinks based on natural fruit and Water are great beverage options to have! Some of our favorite fruit waters are: Watermelon and Mint Water and Lavender Lemonade

- A side appetizer of Hummus and Veggies are always great to have on sight!


Power Salad Bowl Recipe


- Kale
(make sure to smash it a little bit when preparing to soften the texture)
- Avocado (because.. duh!)
- Spiralled Beets
- Spiral Carrots (or can be shredded)
- Pomegranate Grains
- Sliced Cucumbers 
- Dressing: Lemon and Olive Oil 
- Shredded Radish
- Himalayan Salt and Pepper for Seasoning
- One boiled Egg (Optional great source of protein) 


A meal is always better when shared



What's your go to Power Salad?

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