Skin Journey: Mother's Day Edition




skin journey


What’s your skin type?

I have sensitive combination skin both dry and oily.

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I can always count on my nose and forehead being super shiny by mid-day no matter how much makeup or powder I use. And then my chin and cheeks tend to be super dry almost always.

Growing up, my skin was so sensitive that I was the kid who couldn’t get her face painted at carnivals and parties. I had to put off wearing makeup like my friends in my teenage years in fear of having allergic reactions. Eventually I outgrew make up allergies, but it was frustrating. 

On top of those allergies I also grew up having those not so cute red bumps on the back of my arms. 


What have been your challenges with your skin?


I had pretty clear skin except for a few ugly pimples every now and then throughout high school and college. Once I started my company, I had to get a whole new set of makeup that would last through an event, a video or photo shoot, interviews and full day conferences. Once I began wearing heavier makeup, I struggled with having enough time in between events to allow my skin to breathe. I began having horrible breakouts on my chin and brittle skin under my eyes. I had to change, or start shall I say, a skin care routine that focused around more natural and organic products that wouldn’t be too harsh on my face. 

When I had gotten engaged I knew I didn’t want the bumps on my arms to accessorize my wedding dress. I tried a ton of dermatologist remedies but most of them didn’t work. 


What remedies have helped you that are now part of your skincare routine?

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Prior to getting pregnant I would use an organic daily moisturizer along with an organic under eye cream when I woke up and before going to bed.

I used (and still do) an organic face wash for sensitive skin prior to applying those. Before putting on a full face of makeup I would prime with an overnight serum and then layer that with a revitalizing moisturizer

Now that I’m growing a human, I still use the same face wash but I have stayed away from ALL of these moisturizers.

I now lather up with a ton of lotions and oils, thanks to my sister-in-law, post shower to avoid stretch marks and increase the elasticity of my growing belly. In the process of this lathering, I just swipe my oily hands across my face and call it a day. 

The bumps on the back of arms have also gone away thanks to a whole lot of exfoliating and moisturizing. I am happy to say that my arms were smooth for my wedding day and did not distract from my sleeveless dress. 

Best skincare advice

I have been lucky enough to receive 2 pieces of golden skincare advice. One comes from my Aunt Cristina. My family and I are Brazilian and spend a TON of time at the beach and in the sun. As she started getting older, she would always stress to me how important sunscreen and lotion is. So I make sure that all my moisturizers have some sort of sunscreen in them.

And the other comes from my sister-in-law Jessica who gave me the most fantastic recipe for a stretch mark concoction.

"I have not had a single stretch mark my entire pregnancy and my skin looks glowy all over."

I have used this combination of lotions and oils on the rest of my body every time I step out of the shower, including my face, and I may never stop using it!

Top Beauty Foods:

WATER!!!!! Water is magical, it’s as simple as that. Sometimes I like to add cucumbers and lemon for a little extra hydration boost but I notice the less soda and the more water I drink throughout my day the more elastic and supple my skin becomes over time. 


Favorite Products:

Since switching over to more organic and natural products I have become a huge fan of Burt’s Bees line for sensitive skin, especially their under eye cream which saved me when the skin under my eyes got really weird. 

Bio Oil has been a heaven sent, especially for pregnancy. 

I can’t praise Estee Lauder enough for their serums and moisturizers. Applying their Revitalizing Supreme + in combination with their Advanced Night Repair serum before the Double Wear foundation has changed my makeup game.

I thought that adding oils and moisturizers to my already oily areas would cause a mess but I was completely wrong. These two products have helped my skin stay smoother and my makeup to last all day long. 


Warm wishes,


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