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What beauty products have to be in my travel bag…


One of my skincare new years resolution was to be very consistent with my skincare regimen. I have found that if you do not pack the right skincare items in your carry on, your skin can really suffer due to the dry air and germs that exist on planes. That is why I have perfected my system on how to pack the essentials I need to make sure that no flight dehydrates my skin and prevent breakouts. I ALWAYS pack either samples of the products I use on a regular basis, or I buy the travel size of the products I like to use and save them for when i travel.



Here’s what’s in my carry on…


1.   SPF, SPF, SPF

A primer, moisturizer of foundation that has SPF included is a win win & the #1 MUST

2.   Hand sanitizer:

Never ever touch your face or your products before sanitizing your hands. This is the easiest way to contaminate your skin and products and promote the spreading of germs.

3.  Cleansing wipe:


I like to use individually packed cleansing wipes so that I don’t have to take a whole pack with me on the plane when I know I will only need one.

4.   Hyaluronic acid:

This will help retain the moisture in your skin that the dry airplane air can easily strip. Make sure to drink a lot of water on your flight in order to boost the moisturizing effects of the hyaluronic acid.

5.   Sunday Riley UFO oil:

I love this oil because it is very hydrating, yet the salicylic acid helps chemically exfoliate your skin.
This is one of the best oils for acne prone skin and will help will any bacterias that your skin may pick up on the plane.

6.   La Mer eye serum and cream:


You can always get free samples of these products at your local department store that carries La Mer.
I always save these samples for when I fly because I know that is when my skin most needs the “Miracle Broth” that all La Mer products have.

7.    La Mer Concentrate:

This is by far my favorite (and most expensive) skin care product I own. You can also get a sample of this product and save it for your flights.I love the Concentrate because it leaves your skin feeling silky and ready for a plane nap knowing that you won’t wake up dry.
This is by far one of the most hydrating treatment products I have ever used which is why I tend to save it for situations where I think my skin needs it the most.



Other essentials in my skincare bag

  1. Allergy pills

  2. A little bit of makeup just in case I am going straight to a social commitment from the flight.

  3. The Honest Company balm which i use for everything, not just my lips.
    You can use this on dry elbows and cuticles as well.

  4. Dry shampoo in case my hair gets oily

  5.              Individually packed mouthwash


What's in your Travel Bag?

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