Tropical Platter


Dreaming of a Tropical Paradise

Our ideal getaway would consist of a tropical place filled with fresh fruit and palm trees. We live in California and we're blessed enough to say everyday feels like a vacation with the great weather that we have, yet sometimes.. we can't help but wish we we're in Hawaii eating fruit under their palm trees and dreamy sandy beaches. 



Paradise you can taste in just one bite!

Therefore, we've created a tropical inspired platter filled with delicious fruits that will instantly transport you from the comfort of our home! You can have this meal as a breakfast platter or anytime throughout the day! 





- 1 Whole Dragon Fruit
- Half A Sliced Papaya (No seeds)
- 1 Sliced Persimmon
- Sprinkle of Pomegranate Seeds
- Mint (For a Refreshing Kick)
- Sprinkle of Honeysuckle Flower Herb





Health Benefits


Dragon Fruit ... AKA Pitaya

Not only are dragon fruits beautiful and exotic to look at it, but they are active antioxidants that contain various vitamins which aide for healthy state. The vitamins that it includes is Vitamin B1, B2, B3 and C and carries a good amount of protein (key to starting your day right!). This fruit is considered to be one of the best "Super Foods" you can include into your meals because it also contains a good amount of iron, calcium, high in fiber and phosphorus. 

** Ladies who are in search a reduction of Signs of Aging.. Dragon Fruits should be your new BFFS*** 



We absolutely love the vibrant color that we find in Papaya, which is essentially the pop of color we dream of when we think of a tropical paradise (don't you think?). For those who don't know, a fun fact is that Papayas are originated in Central America and Southern Mexico from its early times. 

Papayas are also a super fruit that is rich in antioxidant nutrients and is loaded with vitamins, such as the essential vitamin C that we all want and need. This Super Fruit has also components that include properties to reduce cancer risk.  The overall antioxidants found in papaya is the key to a healthy heart and balance your cholesterol. 



Many people aren't familiar with this wonderful fruit that contains powerful health benefits. Its origin derived from Japan and made it across other countries as it became discovered. Persimmons are an excellent source of fiber and its key component is the amounts of vitamin A it provides (offering 55% of the daily value in just one Persimmon). It also contains about 21% of Vitamin C, which is a vitamin that we resort to when in need of protection against lung and mouth cancers and of course for a healthy skin complexion. 




Mint is a refreshing leave that is not only very tasty and adds the right kick of a refreshing flavor to your meals.. but it has some very impressive health benefits. Mint promotes health digestion, is a quick and effective remedy for nausea and is a natural stimulant that reduces fatigue and depression. 
One of the things we love about Mint is all of the shields it provides for oral care. It improves oral health and this herb has been said to improve the activity of the brain.

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