Fresh Wheatgrass Shot

Bottoms Up!


One of our favorite ways to start our mornings is to lift up our spirits with a wheatgrass shot. Wheatgrass shots are the perfect way to begin your day with a healthy kick! Wheatgrass shots have incredible health benefits that can give you an overall boost in many areas.


Ancient Egypt

Dating back in time it has been discovered that wheatgrass was first originated and used a daily ritual under the Egyptian lands. Egyptians were the first civilians to use this plant as a form to reach a healthier body and reach vitality.

Effective Healer


The beauty about this shot is that it is easy and can be taken first thing in the morning or after a great workout. We love taking wheatgrass shots after a workout because it induces many several health-promoting nutrients and the right nutrients you need for muscle and blood building. Another reason why we love wheatgrass shots is because it contains the right enzyme fluids which helps to slow down the aging process. 

Key Healing Component

Want to know what's the most powerful component that makes Wheatgrass shots a natural healer? 
The key is found through the Chlorophyll that is included within the ingredients that make up wheatgrass. Chrorophyll has multiple health benefits that help your body to feel energized by stimulating your immune system and detoxifying your blood. When Chlorophyll is made into liquid form, this causes the chlorophyll to be induces into your body tissued and work in a easier manner to renew and refine them. This why we highly recommend you use wheatgrass in a shot form matter, so that you can gain the most out the wonderful ingredients it includes. 

Health Benefits


Wheatgrass shots include some of the following nutrients: 

- It includes 70% Chlorophyll
- Vitamin A, B- Complex, C, E and K
- Magnesium
- Iron

3 easy Ingredients

-Organic Wheatgrass
- Blender or Slow juicer
- One orange to be used as a chaser 


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