Skin Journey: Wyin

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What is the best skincare advice you’ve ever received? 

The best skincare advice would be to drink a lot of water, get enough sleep and make sure your skin is always hydrated.

Another good one is to make sure I am using the right products for my skin type so that I get the best and most effective results.


What are your favorite Products?

I am a huge fan of Korean skincare so I’ve been using Innisfree’s Green Tea Serum and Laneige’s Water Bank Sleeping Mask for almost 3 years now.


What are your favorite “Beauty Foods”? 

Definitely green tea and salmon. I also avoid eating a lot of greasy food because it may cause me to breakout.

What is your morning routine?

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In the morning, I wash my face with a milder facial cleanser so that it will not be too harsh on my skin. Then, I always follow the ten-step Korean skincare routine which includes:


  • toner
  • essence
  • serum
  • eye cream
  • cream 
  • sunscreen.

I also stopped putting a full face of makeup in the morning so that I will not breakout during the day (I have very sensitive skin) and

in fact, going makeup-less makes me even more confident about my skin.

What is your night routine?

I continue the ten-step Korean skincare at night but I also add in the double cleansing step. I follow this routine every night religiously no matter how busy or tired I am.

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