At Belle Nu Skin we are always interested in staying connected and we are passionate about exchanging stories, secrets and advice that you may have from your personal skincare routine. We encourage you to join the movement in staying connected in the community of women who are interested in empowering one another and learning more about the issues and challenges we are facing. In the following Message box, feel free to incorporate a piece of your skin journey to be featured on the blog!

Some of the questions you could respond to could be:

  1. What's your skin type? (oily, combination, normal, sensitive, etc.)  
  2. What have been your challenges with your skin?
  3. What remedies have helped you that are now part of your skincare routine?
  4. What's the best skincare advice you've received or would like to share
  5. What are your favorite products that have worked for your skin concerns
  6. What Beauty Foods do you enjoy the most?


And any other comment you'd like to add!


ALSO: Don't forget to send us a simple #SELFIE to get to know you! 

And Welcome to the Belle Nu Team!


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