Skin journey

Welcome to Skin Journey. 
A place where Belle Nu Skin has gathered skincare stories from women all over the world. At Belle Nu Skin, we believe that all women have an important story to share and although we have lived through many challenges within our skincare routines, there is ultimately something good that may come from it. Ultimately, going through challenges such as skincare problems may be the main source to lead us into understanding ourselves a little better each day. 

We invite you to come and share your skin journey so that women from all over the world may be aware of other women's journey with skincare. Let's come together and embrace all the places that our unique skincare expeditions have taken us!

What's your skin journey?


meet belle Fernanda

A 23 year old photographer and grad living in LA.
Discover her challenges with skin care and the remedies she swears by!

Pamela SkincareJourney .jpeg

Meet Belle pamela

A 25 year old Law student graduate and our very own Cofounder at Belle Nu Skin. 

meet belle carolina

A 22 year old college student and our very own Cofounder & Creative Director at Belle Nu Skin.